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Infratherm was founded in 1980 in Redondo Beach, California. Initially with the name Thermal Spectrum, it covered the branch of thermography for companies in California and several companies along the border with Mexico, primarily located Tijuana B.C. In 1996, Infratherm opened an office in Tijuana B.C. to focus on covering services in Mexico and Central America. Along with this move, Infratherm integrated Vibration Analysis as part of it’s primary services. Our clients are mainly large industries that require the use of these techniques in the areas of energy conservation, preventative and predictive maintenance, and risk management.

Our Objective

It is our objective not only to support a facility’s energy conservation or preventative/ predictive maintenance program, but also to enhance the program through infrared imaging.

Our bussines

We are in the business of inspecting Industrial buildings, Ships, electrical circuits, electrical machinery, steam traps and lines, insulation integrity, facility roofs and any other potential problem that might occur. In inspecting these areas we look for problems such as electrical shorts, loose or dirty connections, corrosion, power overloads, uneven power distribution, excessive strain, poor insulation, roof leaks, refractory problems, bad bearings, cooling problems, clogged steam traps, lines and others.

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High temperatures in the equipment can cause irreparable damage. The use of thermography is an effective method to control thermal behavior and prevent accidents.

Vibration analysis

Vibration analysis is the main technique to monitor and diagnose rotating machinery and implement a predictive maintenance plan.
Nowadays nobody doubts of vibrations analysis capacity in rotary machines, which even allows the diagnosis of some problems in electric machines.

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Ultrasound Air Leak Detection

Ultrasound leak detection covers a wide range of leaks: pressure, vacuum and leaks of any type of gas. ATEX or Intrinsically Safe certified equipment is also available for this application. Dependent on Sound: Ultrasound equipment detects the turbulent flow produced by the movement of a gas from a high pressure zone to a lower pressure zone in a leak.

Fuel Gas Leak Detection

This type of equipment is used to detect a fuel gas leak from a process and you can measure the particles per million in the environment (PPM) that this gas leak generates, you can continuously monitor the concentration of combustible gas that Such leakage generates in the surrounding environment.

Thermography Training

Thermography has gained a place of relevance within the national industry, thanks to its versatility and reliability. Not only is it a fundamental tool in the maintenance programs of several companies, but it is also used successfully in various productive sectors of all countries.

Energy Efficiency Studies Energy. It's not about saving

Energy efficiency is a practice. which aims to reduce the consumption of Energy. It is process optimization productive and efficient employment of the energy using the same or less to Produce more goods and services. Said of another way, produce more z less Energy. It's not about saving

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Electrical Distribution Systems

Inspecciones de Subestaciones eléctricas, transformadores y evaluación de capacitores.
Inspección de Paneles de control y Fuerza de Maquinaria en General.
Inspecciones de Generadores Eléctricos.
Líneas de Distribución rurales y urbanas.
Inspecciones de Motores Eléctricos.
Inspección de acometidas de CFE.

Building Envelopes

and Structures

Failure detection in mold cooling systems. transformers and capacitor evaluation.
                            Reduction of the molding cycle, by improving the cooling times, through the analysis of temperatures of the molded parts.
                            Improvements to the design of the mold cooling system.                             Detection of electrical failures in control panels and force.

Development and Structure of


Thermal heat loss inspections for buildings, plants, facilities, refineries. Moisture contamination evaluations in buildings, condominiums, plants facilities. Concrete water heated floor inspections for leaks and temperature distribution. Delamination detection in concrete bridge deck. Locate missing or damaged insulation. Identify air leakage energy losses. Evaluate the thermal performance of retrofits. Locate radiant heating wires or pipes. Concrete integrity inspections.

Roofing System

Flat roof leak detection for buildings, plants, facilities. Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately. Eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roofing. Plan accurate budgets based on facts. Document problems before the warranty/bond expires.

Mechanical systems

Boiler inspections. Inspect burners for flame impingement and burner management. Look at combustion patterns of fuel. Detect thermal patterns on boiler tubes and measure tube skin temperature during normal operation or when boiler is on standby. Scan and record temperatures in areas of boiler not monitored. Scan the exterior of boiler for refectory damage or locate warmer areas where potential refectory damage may occur. Detect coke buildup in crude furnaces. Power plant boiler flue gas leak detection. Mechanical bearing inspections. Heat ventilation air conditioning equipment evaluation. Cold storage cooling losses. Detect insulation leaks in refrigeration equipment

Petro/chemical Applications

Refinery process line insulation loss or leak detection. Refinery process evaluation. Heat exchanger quality and efficiency evaluation. Furnace refractory (insulation) inspections. Furnace internal flame evaluation and tube inspections. Flame propagation explosion analysis.

Electronic Equipment

Printed circuit board evaluation and troubleshooting. Thermal mapping of semiconductor device services. Circuit board component evaluation. Production-type inspection of bonded structures. Inspection of hybrid microcircuits. Inspections of solder joints.

Environmental Applications

Locate old waste disposal sites. Locate old buried tanks on industrial sites. Locate and monitor oil spills. Locate leaks or damage regions for architectural monuments.

Automotive Applications

Suspension of race cars and tire contact diagnoses.                          Evaluation of brakes and engine systems for performance and cooling efficiency.                          Find defective fuel injection nozzles.

Aerospace Applications

Water ingress in airplane control surfaces and radomes. Tire and brake system diagnosis. Windshield and wing surface deicing system diagnosis. Stress crack and corrosion identification and location. Jet and rocket engine analysis. Composite materials delaminations and disbanding location. Target signature analysis.



Medical injury examinations for whiplash, back injuries, Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Disease evaluation –breast cancer, arthritis and many more. Dentistry, tempomandibular jaw dysfunction and more. Sports injuries evaluation, and therapy progress. Equine (horse) injury examination, stress fractures, lameness. Laser dissymmetry determination.

Airborne Applications

Pipeline inspection, leak detection, stress corrosion cracking areas. Environmental inspections, pollution dumping, thermal dumping of waste water. Fire Mapping, hold over fires, fire line and mop-up inspections. High voltage aerial electrical inspections for transmission lines. Search and rescue. Convert surveillance.

Pulp and Paper

Detect uneven heat distribution in Four drinier steam boxes. Identify wet streaks, non-uniformity, that can have adverse effects on paper quality. Identify basis weight variations. Monitor size press performance. Analyze dryer temperatures to look for non-uniformity in dryers. Monitor coating to see that it is being applied uniformly to surface of the paper. Analyze reel to find anomalies that may be induced by pieces of process equipment connected to the paper machine. Inspect chip piles for hot spots.

Steam Turbine and

Hydroelectric Generators

Locate inter-laminar faults in stator core. Monitor the effectiveness of repairs to the damaged areas. Help maintain quality control during a stator core repair. Obtain a thermal image of the stator core that serves as a permanent record of the condition of the stator core following repairs.

Miscellaneous Applications

Detect RF heating in antennas, wave guides, guy wires and frame structure. Failure detection in solar farms. Failure detection in eolic generators. Locate low-intensity sleeper fires on forest lands. Locate lost people. Remote sensing applications. Firefighting-locate people in burning buildings and navigate through smoke.


Thermographic Training


1.- Understand and correctly diagnose Thermal information.
2.- Implement an infrared inspection with Safety in your plant.
3.- Generation of thermographic report.

Training Details




1st day - Theoretical session 6 hours
a) Heat transfer
b) Electromagnetic Infrared Radiation.
c) Infrared Imaging and Temperature Measurement.
d) Use of equipment acquired by the company.
e) Safety regulations when conducting a thermographic inspection of the electrical system. NFPA 70E
f) Failure repair priority table.
2nd day - Practical session 6 Hours
Perform a thermography of the plant's electrical system and generate a report.

2nd day - Practical session 6 Hours

Perform a thermography of the plant's electrical system and generate a report.

Thermography Inspections

Analysis of the state of a

gas boiler burner.

Transformer Example Analyzed

Analysis showing serious overheating

along a panel in the electrical

Warming in chumacera, for failure

in the bronze bushing.


C Series C series thermographic camera

Our team has short and long range lenses, which guarantees greater accuracy in detecting failures in transfer posts, connections and sub-stations. RESEARCH FOR YOUR SUPPLIER TO OFFER YOU THIS ADVANTAGE WHEN QUOTING YOU.


Detector                                Spectrum Range                                NETD                                Lens Type

Microbolometer UFPA 640 x 480 pixels, 25 µm                                8-14 µm                                ≤0.08 ° C at 30 ° C                                25mm Standard Lens                                13mm Wide Angle Lens                                55mm Telephoto Lens


Precision Temperature Range

-20°C a +2000°C ±2° o ± 1% measurement


Type Voice Recording

SD card or internal memory 16GB                            Up to 60 seconds per image

Image presentation


Infrared Image Only / Only Normal Image / Image Within an Image / Image Fusion



Class 2 Laser Semiconductor

One of the advantages of this generation of thermographic cameras is its ability to take infrared videos in real time. This is especially useful for the analysis of processes where temperature is involved as a factor that affects the quality of the final product. Click on the following link to download a Guide brochure with more information about the C640P camera: C640P Brochure

Ver detalles


Report 1

Failure report on the dry transformer.

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Report 2

Cardinal Health Report. Hot spot phase 2 in connection to the coil.

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Report 3

Cardinal Health Report. Hot spot phase 2 in connection to the coil.

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Report 4

Invensys Report.

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Report 5

Vibrations and thermography to air compressors

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Reporte 6

Reporting boiler measurements thermography coca cola company

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Reporte 7

Robertshaw Thermography Report 2019

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Report 8

Telephoto lens Exalmpe Thermography

View Report

Report 9

Report vibrations Chillers 1 and 5 Kenworth Trane May 2019

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Frequent questions

¿What is an Infrared

An Infrared Thermography is the technique of producing a visible image of invisible infrared light (for our eyes) emitted by objects according to their thermal condition. A Thermographic camera produces a live image. (displayed as a photograph of the radiation temperature). The cameras measure the temperature of any object or surface of the image and produce an image with colors that interpret the thermal design with ease. An image produced by an infrared camera is called: Thermography or Thermogram.

What uses can have a


Thermographs can be applied in any situation where a problem or condition can be visualized by means of a temperature difference. A thermography can be applied in any area as long as it has to do with temperature variation.

Is the cost of an Infrared
Inspection justifiable?

During an inspection, we find an average of 8 to 20 problems, of which one third of them are of critical severity, so corrective actions must be taken in 30 days or less. Compare the expense invested in an Infrared Analysis, against the cost of purchasing a replacement part, plus the costs generated by downtime, emergency purchases of parts and / or services and “lost product in process” and judge by yourself. Also note that poor electrical connections can cause premature deterioration of the electrical equipment cables, on the other hand there are significant energy losses due to the increase in the resistance in the connection                             with failure or in the component.

¿What is a vibration analysis ?

Vibration analysis is a technique used to identify and predict mechanical anomalies in a machine through its vibration. For more than 30 years, vibration analysis has become an indispensable tool for industry worldwide.

What types of failures are detected

with a vibration analysis?

Almost all the faults that a machine can have can be identified or at least suspected with the vibration analysis. Only occasionally will complementary methods be required to confirm a diagnosis. Among the most common failures are:
Bearing failures
Mechanical clearance
Resonance and Natural Frequencies
Electric motor failures
Shaft torque
Gearbox failures
Cavitation in pumps
Critical Speeds

What are the advantages of a vibration analysis?

Implementing the vibration analysis through a predictive maintenance plan improves the efficiency and reliability of the machinery reducing downtime due to mechanical failures.


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